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What should Oregon cyclists do in the case of an accident?

Bike sharing programs are becoming more and more popular in the United States. These programs allow people to rent bikes from different stations around a city and deposit them at another station once they are done with it. Whether it is to reduce traffic, environmental impact or to improve public health, more cities are implementing bike sharing programs for their citizens and Salem might be soon joining the ranks.

Who is liable for slip and fall injuries?

As winter sets in and the temperature drops, the chances of encountering icy and slick conditions increase. There are many types of outdoor hazards that can cause slips and falls, but conditions can usually be managed well enough to prevent the development of any hazards, but sometimes an individual will be unaware of dangerous conditions and will be injured by slipping or tripping and injuring themselves in a fall. Legally, these are generally known as "slip and fall" personal injuries.


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