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Facing workplace problems regarding equal pay laws?

If you work in an Oregon office or company where men and women work side-by-side, you may notice various challenges arising from time to time. For instance, it's not all that uncommon for jokes or comments to get out of hand, leading to employee complaints about unfair treatment in the workplace. Concerning your wages, however, your gender should not come into play when determining pay scale. Instead, your employer should offer equal pay for equal jobs.

Was discrimination the reason your boss did not promote you?

Like most workers in Oregon and beyond, you understand that there's basically no such thing as a perfect workplace. You've worked for several different employers throughout your career and can probably list pros and cons about each experience. Since you've been working at the same company for quite a while now, you thought things were going as well as can be expected, that is, until you began noticing several issues that raised concerns about possible workplace discrimination.

Harassed in the workplace? You do not have to suffer in silence.

When an Oregon employee faces harassment in the workplace, he or she may feel embarrassed or confused about that happened. Often, victims of mistreatment fail to reach out for help and support because they fear retaliation from their employer or are unsure if what they experienced actually qualifies as harassment.

Could business cliches lead to religious discrimination?

As a religious individual, your beliefs may play a significant role in various areas of your life. From the way you dress to the manner in which you conduct yourself in different settings, your religious teachings likely guide you daily. Though you may take comfort in your beliefs, you could also fear the potential for differential treatment due to your religion.

Can I be fired for smoking marijuana recreationally?

Oregon is one of eight states in our country in which marijuana is legal for recreational use. While marijuana is legal in our state, it is still illegal at the federal level. These contradictory laws have created a new set of legal battles for organizations and individuals around the state and country. What does this mean for Salem area workers?

What to know about age discrimination

Age discrimination is when you are treated differently, unfairly, or less favorably because of your age. Age discrimination is common among workplaces as many employees, job seekers, and even trainees are treated differently because of their age. In most cases, it's always about comparing one employee with another 'younger' or 'older' pertinent and comparable employee.

Bill passed to protect workers from wage theft

Last year, a bill was being discussed that would discourage employers from illegal wage practices in a few ways, such as making it easier for employees to access information about their pay and hours. Many Oregon workers deal with wage theft every year and this makes it very difficult and stressful to provide for a family. While the original bill did not pass, a separate bill with some of the terms from the original is now in effect. So what does this new bill say? And how can employees protect themselves from wage theft?

Am I protected if I blow the whistle on my employer?

Whistleblowing, or reporting incorrect behavior about a company/organization, is risky business. One of the main concerns people have when deciding if they should speak is the fear that the employer will retaliate by demoting, harassing or firing them.

How can I tell if I am receiving equal pay as a woman?

Pay discrimination has a long history in the United States. Although there are laws that should guide businesses and employers away from paying women less than men for doing the same job, it is not always followed. Unfortunately, this leaves many women earning less than their male counterparts, even though they deserve higher pay.

Pregnancy discrimination still happens all the time in Oregon

It's been over 35 years since the Pregnancy and Discrimination Act was passed, and yet pregnant women are still discriminated against in the work force. Such discrimination is illegal, but it can happen even before you become pregnant, through pregnancy and childbirth, and even after your child is born. It's important to know what pregnancy discrimination looks like and what laws protect you from such discrimination. 


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