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What actions constitute retaliation?

Everyone has bad days at work. During those times, it can feel as though everyone is out to get you. However, there are times when one or more people at work actually may be out to get you. You may be one of many people here in Oregon and across the country who made a...

Do you believe that your firing was unlawful?

When you landed your job, you may have intended it to be the one that started you on your life-long career path. You may have had visions of getting promotions, having a bigger office, being the boss' right-hand employee and eventually reaching all the goals you had...

Are you the victim of constructive discharge?

You need your job. Your family depends on your income, and you have plans for your future that require funding. Nevertheless, you may be like many in Oregon and elsewhere whose job is not what you expected it would be. Perhaps the work itself is rewarding, but the...