Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace is unacceptable
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Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace is unacceptable

by | May 2, 2019 | Firm News |

Women are often subject to various types of discriminatory treatment in the workplace, and often, it is because of issues related to pregnancy. Your pregnancy or potential future pregnancy does not preclude you from working, excelling at your job and getting paid what you deserve. Even in 2019, women sometimes find it necessary to fight for their rights and protect their interests in the workplace.

If you believe you are the victim of pregnancy discrimination in your place of employment, you are not alone. You have the right to fight back, taking action to hold your employer accountable and seek appropriate compensation. Pregnancy discrimination in any type of Oregon workplace is unacceptable, and you do not endure it alone. You can speak up and fight to put a stop to this type of treatment.

What counts as discrimination? 

Pregnancy discrimination involves any type of negative treatment experienced by women who are pregnant, need time off for childbirth or who may become pregnant at some point in the future. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act protects the rights of working mothers, and it may be in your interests to know your rights and know if what you are experiencing counts as discrimination. Some of the provisions outlined in this act include the following:

  • Employers cannot refuse to hire a woman on the basis that she is pregnant or that she may become pregnant.
  • Pregnant women do not have to give notice of their pregnancy to their employers unless it impedes their ability to do their jobs.
  • Employers cannot prevent a woman from working while pregnant if she is physically capable of continuing with her job.
  • Employers must hold a job for a woman on pregnancy-related leave just as they would for an employee on sick leave or disability leave.

It’s beneficial for you to take immediate action to learn whether what you are experiencing qualifies as discrimination. This can allow you to move forward with appropriate legal action as soon as possible.

Protecting your right to work

You do not have to fight for your rights and interests alone. Speaking with an experienced discrimination attorney can help you understand more about the protections against pregnancy discrimination provided to you by state and federal laws. With the right guidance, you can take steps to ensure that employers are accountable for discriminatory treatment and allowing the development of a hostile work environment.