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Lesser known types of harassment you may experience at work

Oregon workers understand that harassment in the workplace is unacceptable in any shape or form. When you think about harassment, you may think about things such as sexual or verbal harassment, but there are other types you may not really think about. There is no excuse for any type of mistreatment in your place of work.

It is smart for you to know about the different types of harassment you may experience in the workplace. You have the right to speak up, no matter what kind of mistreatment you are experiencing on the clock. If you think there is a problem, you will find it beneficial to take immediate action to figure how you can make the mistreatment stop and possibly move forward with legal action.

Don't miss the signs of harassment

There are many different types of harassment that a person can experience in his or her workplace. It's not always simple to know if what you are experiencing counts as harassment, which is why it can help to understand the signs that typically indicate the following types of mistreatment:

  • Power harassment – This harassment involves the power disparity between the harasser and the victim. This is bullying against a person in a lower position from a person in a higher position.
  • Psychological harassment – This is treatment that negatively affects a person's mental health. This harassment can include isolation, belittlement, spreading rumors about the victims and more.
  • Third-party harassment – This is harassment that comes from someone not connected to the company, such as a vendor, customer, supplier or another person.

Your employer is responsible for protecting the people who work under his or her authority. This means training employees in proper behavior, stopping inappropriate activities and refusing to allow the development of a hostile work environment.

Hesitant to move forward

Victims of workplace harassment are often reluctant to move forward with a claim or even to speak up about what they are experiencing. You may feel embarrassed, unsure of what happened or concerned about the security of your job. This is normal, but you do not have to face this situation alone.

As a victim of harassment, you may have grounds to move forward with a civil claim against your employer. This course of action may allow you to seek damages, stop this behavior from continuing and protecting others from experiencing the same type of treatment in the future.

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