Has harassment created a hostile work environment?
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Has harassment created a hostile work environment?

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Workplace Harassment |

Anyone can feel uncomfortable due to the actions of another person. While much of the time you may have the ability to avoid the undesirable person, or their actions do not hold such hostility that you feel the need to report them, you could find yourself in a predicament in which an individual at your place of employment subjects you to treatment that could fall into the category of harassment.

When it comes to dealing with harassment, you may have the ability to report the issue to your manager or other supervisor in order for that individual to effectively handle the matter. However, in some instances, your complaints may go unheeded, and the harassment may continue.

Sexual harassment

One of the most common forms of workplace harassment relates to actions of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment can take many forms, including suggestive and unwanted comments, conduct or behaviors. This type of harassment does not necessarily mean that a person touched a member of the opposite sex in an inappropriate matter, as sexual harassment could relate to gender or sexual orientation rather than sexual intercourse.

Furthermore, this type of harassment does not only take place between members of the opposite sex. A woman could sexually harass another woman, or a man could sexually harass another man. Images, videos and gestures could even fall into this category if you feel forced or tricked into seeing such content.

Non-sexual harassment

Of course, sexually charged actions do not make up all forms of harassment. You could feel subjected to negative actions based on your race, religion, age, skin color or numerous other aspects of yourself. This type of harassment could come in the form of verbal comments, written communication or even physical actions. As a result, you may feel that your work environment has become hostile, and you may even fear going to work.

Addressing the issues

As mentioned, you may have superiors who can effectively end such actions in the workplace and ensure that your work environment goes back to a welcoming and safe space. Of course, if your complaints do not render the outcome you desire, you may wish to take further action. In many cases, filing a legal claim proves necessary in order for victims of harassment to feel heard. If you wish to pursue such a course of action, you may wish to speak with an experienced Oregon attorney.